Some Bitsy For You

There’s this game-making tool called Bitsy Game Maker I recently used for a game jam. I discovered it while searching a game jam to join at and found a TwitsyBot Jam hosted by Emma where the game need to be made using Bitsy. Check it out for a bit, and immediately love with it. It’s not much you can do with Bitsy and have a lot of limitations too, which left you with an interactive and a narrative game. Creating a sprite is limited to 8×8 pixel and only 3 colors can be used for the background, tile and sprite color each.  So, why I like it so much? One of the reason is, It is simple where you don’t need to think much and can focus on the story (which I’m bad at). It also hack-able to pass some of those limitations and I’m quite surprised by what other people can achieved using Bitsy with or without hacks. It’s kinda challenge you to find different approaches to make the game simple and fun at the same time. I had fun using it and will using it more in the future, so I wish to share it to those who love to make a narrative game with a simple visual or to those who want to play other bitsy games. Bitsy have a small and lovely community too.



That’s the bitsy editor where the game making took place, simple and easy to use. Closing your browser doesn’t make the progress disappear. Something I forgot to say that, there’s no coding skill required, only takes a little bit of creativity and have some fun.



Some screenshot from my 2nd bitsy game called Secret Cult that I submitted for the Ritual (Bitsy Jam)


Bitsy is a little Editor for little games or worlds made by Adam Le Doux. Game can be made easily where you can walk around and interact with the created world and it’s run directly from the browser (recommended using Chrome), no download option for the editor.


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Its 2:40 AM here, so I’m sleepy (not really) and my tummy keep making some weird noise (need food of course!). Quick intro, expect nothing from here, just a dull life’s story of mine and maybe share a bit about my interest (Aerospace Engineering and Game Development). Not a native English speaker here, so don’t judge! haha! and I’m not really a people person, but would be great to know new people.

Done. Quick and short. I’m just gonna keep the default title and this quote. Why not! and add this fella as in Xbox avatar I made.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton